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Corrupt Password Issue

Question asked by themapples1 on Dec 26, 2018
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I am experiencing a problem with a filmmaker database i recently cerated. I've been working on a new database for a few weeks now and wanted to send it out to some friends to test it out and give me feedback. So i went to set up a password on it so only the people with the password could use it. But of course right when i created the password my computer died. Upon restarting my computer the database file says it needs a password. I've tried every variation i can think of for the word i put in right when my computer died but nothing. All i can think is that the file somehow became corrupt when the computer died and the password i had is not valid.


Wanted to see if anyone had experiences with this in the past or if anyone had ideas on how to get a previous version of the database back? I have a version from about a week prior to the password issue but theres been a lot of progress since then. Really unsure of what to do here...