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Allegro Mini-Calendar is a Made-for-FileMaker starter solution intended for experienced developers. Designed to enable you to easily add calendar functionality to existing databases, it was built entirely in FileMaker Pro Advanced and is completely modifiable. Purchasing this product allows you to use the code in any of your solutions and change it any way that you like. The new bundle includes versions 6, 5f, and 4b, each of which takes a slightly different approach:

Allegro Mini-Calendar 5f
is nearly identical to Version 6, except that the criteria for filtering calendar records updates with every new letter entered. (Version 6 updates the filter only when you press the button to apply it. This should improve performance. Version 6 also automatically enters a placeholder name for every new event. This makes
it easier to find and delete the record if you change your mind.)


Allegro Mini-Calendar 4b uses popover windows in place of layouts displayed as "Cards". It requires more work
if you want to modify the popover windows, because you have to edit each of them individually. However, it is more compatible with earlier versions of FileMaker Pro and it may perform better on some systems.


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