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Open File Hosted Remotely Using URL

Question asked by LabsRock on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Karen

I'm setting up a robot machine to run some scripts/send - emails at night.  Working on the final steps to use task scheduler to open the file from an RDS connection to the robot machine (a terminal server instance we use for remote access) and run the necessary script using a URL pointing to the file.  Everything seems to work fine except that I get an error saying "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action."  Everything stops at that point, but the file has been opened using the account/PW that is intended.  If I dismiss the dialog about the error and manually run the script it completes just fine.  In troubleshooting I have:

  • Disabled the OnOpen script set for OnFirstWindowOpen (nothing that was needed for this process),
  • Set file to open automatically using an admin account/pw,
  • Given the script run with Full Access Privileges.

I'm always getting the same error dialog, always able to run the script manually after dismissing the dialog.

The file is on FileMaker Server 16, is not set to be visible on the network, although that doesn't seem to be the problem (and shouldn't) since it does open.  The client machine is running FMPA 16.


Thanks for any input/suggestions.