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Discussion created by dchaley369 on Dec 27, 2018
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I am hoping this discussion will expand so others in my place can glean direct and straight forward answers.


I have a solution that is selling, which is good.


It was made to run on iPads using FM Go so it can be used in both the office and field by one person usually the company owner.


As of right now it is a stand alone solution meaning it is not connected to a server and does not share info.


But, I keep receiving requests to produce a version that several iPads can be connected and share information.


Before I go on there are a couple of things you should be aware of.


1) If expanded to more than one user in most cases there will never be more than 3-5 users using the solution.


2) In many cases there is not the availability of a cell signal when in use.


3) The cost of FM Server software and a server is out of the budget for 98% of the companies that will use this solution.


So, my question is simply this, what is the best way to expand this solution so that up to 5 Users can share information in regards to the 1-3 above list.


Many Thanks, to all who share there experience and expertise so we developing developers can learn!!!