“Insert from URL” in a FileMaker Server Deployment

Discussion created by sbores on Dec 28, 2018
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I was recently advised by FileMaker tech support to post and describe to the FileMaker Community Forum, a development obstacle I'm up against;


I’ve developed an app for my company that is aimed at providing direct/ready/immediate access to 3 key elements of information - For a given part or list of parts;


1.  What does it look like and what are its specs (the drawing)?


2.  What are the current inventory levels and where are they?


3.  Are there open orders - if so, how many are on order and when are they due?


I’m anxious to get this in the hands of the entire enterprise and on a range of devices, and am in the process of validating the app in a FileMaker Server deployment.


My app is leveraging deeply integrated, existing local datasources and file directories to aggregate the key information noted above.


Our engineering activity controls thousands of drawings, (both in their respective native format and as PDFs) in a managed local network directory.


Given that our drawings are managed through a series of disciplined policies/practices, managing and maintaining the drawings in my app is not an option.


Currently my app presents the respective drawing pdf in a container field, for a particular part number or list of part numbers when the user lands on the respective part record, by use of the “Insert from URL” script step. The URL is stored in a calculated field, as the path to the drawing pdf file in the managed local network directory.


The current version of my app provides the functionality intended and delivers the information to the user reliably, when using FMPA  - The app is already a daily driver for a few key resources in the company.


The specific issue that I’m encountering in the FileMaker Server deployment is bringing the drawing into a container field when using a FMGo or WebDirect client.


Using FMPA as a client, the calculated URL path and “Insert from URL” script step work flawlessly.


When using the FMGo or WebDirect client, the drawing will not load using this method - unless the hosted FM container storage directory was pre-populated by a FMPA client session (which would be a limited set, depending on what the FMPA user may have needed access to). When using the FMGo or WebDirect client, a message is returned in effect indicating that the file cannot be found.


What method should be used to load the drawings from the managed local network drawing directory for deployment in FileMaker Server and provide the functionality and access to FMGo or WebDirect clients, that my app currently delivers to FMPA clients?


Thanks in advance for any help you’re able to provide.