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Alerts or Change Notifications

Question asked by daneseelen on Dec 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by eric

Hi, I am not sure where to go with this, I have not created anything in FM like this before but I am looking for examples of what to search.


Please note: I am open to the best way to do pick orders as well.


Basically I have created an inventory program with a pick order, in the program I 2 fields, one is the location of an item and the other is the action or process of the item.  To be clear, the location is where the item is, the action or process is what are we using the item for at the time.  The actions can include warehouse, printers, insert's, etc. etc., but they also include move to printers or inserts.  This way the front office can change the action from warehouse to more to printers so the warehouse team can see they need to move the item.  Once they move the item then can change the location to printer and the action or process to printer.   What I would like to do is have a way that shows an alert of some kind on a button that a new "move to" has been added.  If possible I would also like to setup some type of overdue notice


Please note: I am open to the best way to do pick orders as well.


Any help is appreciated,