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Auto-Calculation after importing records

Question asked by ichiroger on Dec 27, 2018
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Hello there


New to FileMaker, got stuck with the calculation field. Please Help!


I wanna have a system to calculate the length for the aluminium extrusion for different window types.


I have a table containing many records with a text field storing the length calculation formula

eg: LengthFormula: $$W/2-56-10

eg: LengthFormula: $$H-$$H1-22+10


the user would enter the $$W, and $$H, and choose the window types they want.

The script go searching for the records that are needed for this window type.

PerformFind -> Export Record -> Go to Layout (data) -> Import Records


Then I have the records needed in data table.

LengthFormula is also a text field here.


However, I have trouble turning the formula into another calculation field to have final length for this record.

I tried to make a calculation field, and make it = LengthFormula field.

It won't calculate the number, but showing the formula text only, such as $$W/2-56-10


Please help, how do I get the final length for each record after import automatically?


Thank you in advance!