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Filter a portal with a global valuelist

Question asked by gregstock on Dec 28, 2018
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Hi Folks, What am I doing wrong?  I am trying to filter a portal from a value list in a Global.

I have a portal and it has a list of items (and a category field).  My Global has a value list based on these Categories as a dropdown.  I am just trying to Filter the portal.  In the Portal Filter I have :

IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( REQ_XImmuno::A_AntibodyFilterA ; PUCRequest::R_G_ImmunoFilter ))


The Value list shows the dropdown list but its not filtering.  I added a script trigger to refresh the portal but nothing happens.  The portal is an "X" relationship (REQ_XImmono, between PUCRequest and Immuno) - ie from the open table to the lookup Immuno table.