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Trouble Accessing Dev Server Remotely

Question asked by shadow0429 on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by shadow0429

We have a Production Server that is all set up and working fine. I am trying to set up a Development Server for testing purposes. I am trying to avoid having to pay for another SSL certificate. The SSL certificate that comes with the server says that it is for testing purposes so I would think that the default cert would work for our needs...


We are using Windows 10 to host it. I can access it fine from over the Local Area network but am unable to access it from outside our building. I need to be able to share this test solution with our accountant who works at home but have not had any luck getting the FMS17 to be accessible from anywhere other than in the building.


I have gone into the Firewall and have enabled the Filemaker server to use port 5003 on both incoming and outgoing paths. Still no luck. Does anyone have experience with getting a Dev server accessible from a windows 10 PC using the default certificate?