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Puzzled by Barcode Behavior

Question asked by jmproulx on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by Jason Wood

I use the Barcode Creator plug-in v1.5. to generate a QR barcode in a container field (CodeBarres2D). The encoded info is a batch number. I wanted to see if the batch number was correctly encoded. I set up the following structure of fields

Capture d’écran, le 2018-12-29 à 09.40.49.png

with the following calculation for the field CodeBarresTexte :Capture d’écran, le 2018-12-29 à 09.41.32.png

The result I get is shown here :

Capture d’écran, le 2018-12-29 à 09.39.29.png

I thought I would recover the encoded text in at least one of the 3 different fields I used to do so. Why is "barcodeText" attribute not included in the metadata ?