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How to do Portal Filter by scripted button?

Question asked by epicsl on Dec 29, 2018
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Why are the simplest of thing so difficult or impossible to do in Filemaker ProAdv - e.g. changing the Label on a button by script?


However, this question is about Portal Filtering - I have a CLIENT --> Policies Master/Detail relationship in the Database - all works perfectly when viewing the client and /or related policy records.  Now I want to have a button that toggles the Cancelled policies to NOT be viewed i.e. FILTERED and then toggle back to being viewed, no filter on portal.


This can easily be done if one manually select the portal and from Portal Setup, CHECK "Filter Portal Records" and SPECIFY     policies::policy_status ≠ "Cancelled"  and then to remove the filter to SHOW ALL policies.


How can I do this with a script?   Seems that the "Filter Portal Records" cannot be specified.


TIA for any advice.