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Disabling Plug-In Crashes FMA17- Splash screen persists

Question asked by skipjensen on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by monkeybreadsoftware

I downloaded a demo of Productive Computing's Address Book Manipulator plug in awhile back. The demo has a splash screen that delays for a long time whenever you open FMPA. When I update to FMPA17 I deleted the plug-in, but the splash screen persists, and even worse, it does not dismiss once the program finishes opening, it sits on the desktop and cannot be moved of removed. I have tried everything I could find in various forums, and I emailed the developer a few days ago but got now answer ( they are usually very responsive so I assume they are off for the Holidays). I am Mac OS 10.3.6 and using FMPA version Any help would be greatly appreciated.