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Renewing SSL Certificate FMS17 - problem

Question asked by suesaunders on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by suesaunders

I received my renewal certificates about a week ago.  Followed the instructions from last time.  Uploaded the Root and the Chain (Root plus Intermediate) certificates plus the original serverKey.pem.  No problem.  Stopped FMS and then re-started via the terminal program.  See attached file that confirms the renewal in FMS.  All worked beautifully.


The problem is that when I go to check the domain, using SSL Checker - SSL Certificate Verify  (useful site recommended by the certificate supplier) and another checker site, the certificate has not updated.  It also hasn't updated in the Mac's Keychain access list.


See attached files.


Has anyone had this problem?  I am not sure who to go to.  The supplier that I am using is a well known Web Hosting Service.  They are not familiar with FileMaker.  The Certificate issuer is in the US and not sure if they will help either.


I was just wondering if I have to "uninstall the current certificate"?   Although that doesn't make sense as FMS shows me that the new certificate has been successfully installed.


I need to resolve this issue before 9th January when my certificate expires.


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Sue Saunders