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Go to portal row doesn't work unless Portal is selected

Question asked by davidcom on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by davidcom

Note: I'm a newbie here. So trying to learn this stuff.


I'm sure I'm just missing something simple here. but I'm trying to make "Previous" and "Next" buttons to advance through portal rows and I'm getting unexpected behavior.


My test portal has 3 records and displays one row at a time. I've given my portal the name of "owner"


My "Next" script

Go to object [Object Name: "owner"]

Go to Portal Row [Select: On; Next; Exit after last: on]


My "Previous" script:


Go to object [Object Name: "owner"]

Go to Portal Row [Select: On; Previous; Exit after last: on]


What I'm wanting is a button that will advance the portal from it's current position to either the next portal row (Next button) or to the Previous portal row (Previous button). But each button has its own unexpected behavior:


Next Button

Clicking Next Button if portal is not selected and the portal record is showing record 2:

Desired behavior: The portal row jumps to record 3.

Actual behavior: The portal will jump to the top of the portal (the first record), then I have to continue clicking to advance down the portal rows. If the top record is already showing when I first click the button, the portal row remains at the top record. Clicking again will start descending to next rows.


Clicking the Next Button if the portal row is selected and the portal record is showing record 2:

Here the behavior works as desired: the portal row advances to record 3.


Previous Button

If the portal is not selected, the previous button doesn't do anything at all (the portal rows don't move at all). If I actually click inside in the portal, then the Previous button works (it advances to the next row higher up in the portal).


Finally, for either button to work, I have to have Allow Vertical Scrolling checked in the Portal Setup. But what I would like it to not have scrolling activated and still have the button advance to the next or previous rows.