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Summarizing of Related Records

Question asked by JeffreyBloch on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by JeffreyBloch

For discussion purposes, I have 2 tables related by personID;





While on a PERSON record, I run a script which only has one function:


SHOW CUSTOM DIALOG which displays only the COUNT of cats through the relationship.


In my real project, the "cat" side may have 300,000+ records. When I run a script, only displaying the COUNT of the related item, a 'Summarizing' dialog shows, and may take quite some time. What I've noticed is that the quantity of items being summarized begins, and counts down from, the actual count I'm looking for, the same number eventually displayed. For example, if I owned 300,000 cats, but the relationship was to "FAT" only, the summarizing dialog starts counting down at 2,500, and it turns out that there are 2,500 fat cats.


My questions is, can I access the COUNT without the seemingly unnecessary summarizing process?


And, NO, I don't own all these cats.


Thank you!