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LOOP - PRINT in preview mode

Question asked by Draco on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by Reid Larson



[ I am located in the presentation A , in Browser mode ]


When trying to print several records, I use a loop:


- freeze window

- go to presentation B [print format]

- Preview mode

- print settings


      set variable [$var : calculation]

      print [without dialog]

      go to next record [exit after last]




with this script always prints the same record, (advance through the records), but always continues to print the first printed.


If I delete the script step "Preview mode" it starts printing all the records correctly ( It even comes out of the loop. )


This is how it should work ? ... I mean the behavior of the script with the "preview mode".





MacOS 10.13.6

FMPA v17.0.3.304