Attaching files: my new year's wish

Discussion created by JoeSand on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Reid Larson

Perhaps this should be in the "ideas" area, but it's possible someone can suggest a solution for me...


I have a small business that I run using Filemaker, so I'm the developer and the customer.  For the most part FM (16) has had the features to meet every need I've had, with one exception, the ability to attach files to a record.  Sure, you can use container fields to do this, but so far my end result has been too clunky to be actually useful.

First, pictures:  It actually does a fair job with attaching picture files.  Viewing pictures isn't a problem, and is flexible enough to do what I need.  Entering photos is a bit clunky, as they are typically either email attachments sent to me (which I can drag and drop) or they are photo's taken with my cell phone, which I can drag and drop from Google Photos, once they have been backed up.  This does mean spending after-hours time to load the photos into the database, which sometimes just doesn't happen.  It would be cool if I could somehow send photo's directly into the database from my phone, but I can live with it as-is.


Other documents, on the other hand, lack one feature... the ability to easily open them into their native application, make changes (or not) and close them.  While I can manually make this happen it simply has too many steps to make it a practical part of my solution, so I've pretty much abandoned this as a viable feature.


Seems to me that a user friendly way to keep files of any type attached to and usable through a related record would be a really useful feature, and it's number one on my filemaker wish for the new year!

Happy new Year!