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Copying records table to table (again, sorry!)

Question asked by deandajim on Jan 1, 2019
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I have seen this discussed but cannot make it work for me. I have a table cleverly named Export and another equally cleverly named Import. (Came up with that on my own btw!). These reside in a database named CheckMix which has  additional tables and the first on the list of those is named Checks, my Import/Export tables are linked by a field named kfObject.  Goal is to mark desired records in Export, then import marked records to Import. Based on my reading, simple, based on my results, not so much. Here's the script I am using:

go to layout Export

enter find

set field

perform find

go to layout Import

import (using the Database name, which is CheckMix)

The result of this script is the importing of all of the records from the table named Checks. It is not importing the found set.  Help me out here please!  Make me smarter.  Thanks  - Jim