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FMS + Web direct issue

Question asked by bkaisin on Dec 31, 2018
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It's not the first time that I get this problem…

Config: FMS 17 with WebDirect.

Since at least 2 years (it happened also with FMS 16), occasionally the server use continually at least 25% of the processor of the FMS computer, sometime more than 50%.

I get once more than 95% continually.

It happen only when there is at least 1 WebDirect connexion.

I solve now instantly the problem by switching OFF and turning ON the Web Publishing engine.

When I look in the log the user was connected under Windows or Mac, but always with an unknown (by me) App.

When they connect with Safari or Chrome the log mention Safari or Chrome.

This time the log mention using "Mac Other 64.0 [fmwebdirect]".

It seems it is unsupported browser by FMS.

Is there any solution to close those connexions?


Or should I report this Issue?


Happy New Year