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How to show list of related records from the same database in a layout?

Question asked by ygoinsider on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by SteveMartino

Hi fellow Filemaker Users,


Since the community was able to be so helpfull to me the last time I hit a wall in Filemaker, I'm sure you guys know how to do the following. Sadly a google search and 1 hour scimming throught YT Tutorials, didn't really got me near a solution yet.


I have a database that keeps track of a rather large Trading Card collection I have. The whole thing gets better every day and I really enjoy learning more about Filemaker while implementing features I'd like to use. I have a Layout where it gives you an overview of the card, with a nice picture and everything, and it shows you pretty much all the data that is contained in that data set. A lot of cards come in different versions from different sets. It would be amazing to be able to see them all in a list next to the card details.


The way I thought this could work was to create a portal and simply display all data sets in it, that contain the same value in the field "KartennameEN" (Card Name) as the currently opened record. The challenge I'm facing, is that portals only show me all the cards that have been found with the last search, rather than al those within the database matching the name (which I also cannot choose like I can with 2 related tables).


I hope you understand what I'm looking for, it's kinda hard to explain ^^" I attached a Screenshot with some annotations to clear things up.


Highly appreciate your effort!


Many thanks in advance!