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searching for expiration dates

Question asked by dillard1 on Jan 1, 2019
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I have an employee training database hosted on FileMaker server that I want to send employees an email 30 days prior to expiration and then another email if training is expired. We have 7 different mandatory trainings and I have two date fields for each. (i.e. cprDateOfTraining, expirationDateOfCpr : firstAidDateOfTraining, expirationDateOfFirstAid and so on) I have a few questions:


1. Do I write separate scripts for each date that I want to check or one script? Will this slow down database?

2. How do I make sure that i am not sending same email every day I run script or it automatically sends?

3. Should i have set up different tables for each training? (I don't need a history or anything)


Any help would be nice