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Sub Units in Invoicing

Question asked by JanezicDesign on Jan 2, 2019
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First post (at least first post in a WHILE) where I just recently updated to FMPA17 from FMPA13, so I've been off the program for a while.


Coming back into the game, I'm creating an inventory and invoicing solution for a friend with a small business, so scale is not HUGE (around 50-75 "types" of inventory, and maybe 500 units) though knowing how to do the following for something more complex (in the multiple of 1000's) would be very useful for the future growth, as well as anyone building for the entertainment industry.


What I'm trying to do:


I have, in my inventory, different "types" of equipment. Lets say a stapler, a computer, and a pan (like a cooking pan). I have these organized into categories (respectively in the example, office supplies, technology, food prep) as to make serial numbers with some identifying factor for what it is (OSP = office supplies, TCH = technology, etc.).


The units I have (lets say 10 x staplers) are all only different in serial number and barcode. They are related to the "Type" of equipment and then pulls all other information from that type based on the relationship. This seemed easiest for organizing the equipment and updating all the inventory instead of one at a time or more complex scripting with more chances of faults.


In the invoicing, some equipment will automatically have "accessories" attached to them.


I've been using portals, and have loved "sub summary's when sorted" but am trying to figure out how to use either of these in a flexible way to create the invoices. What specifically I'm trying to do is be able to add an item and "attach" other items from the inventory to it, indented as needed for accessories that either come with it or were asked for (like staples for the stapler, those should come with a stapler if you're going to rent a stapler).


What would be the easiest way to do this, before I start testing different solutions? I thought about a calculation and one field to consolidate all the equipment and format as needed, but that will back fire for any larger invoices and formatting and a number of parameters. I thought about a sub summary, where the "Type" would be the sub summary and any accessories or items that are attached to that type are the actual record, but if I have a type with no accessories that sub summary won't show without an empty record or something which could mess up the inventory counts, and the type itself wouldn't actually be in the database, just the accessories (though you can see the type on the invoice with that solution). And a web viewer just seems like too much, though if thats the best solution I'll take it. really looking for a starting point, if anyone has had to work with this before.


Happy New Year and apologies for the long windedness!