New Year Calculations Issues

Discussion created by dennismoorejr on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by onefish

So as the new year approach, I realize my inventory summary layout is only calculating 2018 (first year in service) entries. 


I am looking and must figure out a way to come up with some discernible way to stipulate between year 2018 and year 2019 and so on.


I am also running into some calculations of fields where the cost of a "stamp" in 2018 was $55 and in 2019 it is $56.


I have duplicated the fields which hold these values and appended the year 2019 to the end and will create new calculations based on the new fields.


I have a year field on most of the records, but somehow have to find a way to have the summary fields and calculations fields separate by year.


Scratching my head....