Cost effective hosting and starting out as a contractor

Discussion created by onepercenttheory on Jan 1, 2019
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Hi everyone! So, I'm really enjoying developing in FileMaker and want to pursue it more as a career. I started using it at work about a year ago and it's completely transformed everything. I mentioned this to a friend and she set up a contractor type of opportunity for me to create a yoga studio scheduling solution. Their current platform, Mindbody, costs about $2000 a year. When I looked at alternatives, I found another web-based solution, Vagaro, that was significantly cheaper, about $300 a year. When I look at what it would cost for a client to use Filemaker, not including development costs, it looks like it starts at $900 a year.


I'm completely okay not charging anything for the development costs because I'm interested in the challenge of building something but it's hard for me to advise them to go with Filemaker when the difference between the competition is $65/month (excluding the opportunity cost).


However, if maybe I could get five yoga studios to go on board, each one as a user, then that significantly changes everything. Then it costs just $180 a year for each connection to the Filemakerverse plus data charges/hosting fees.


Is there anything that I'm missing here? Does anyone have additional advice?  I have the developer's subscription and purchased a new Mac mini to develop on so that I'm not using my work computer. I suppose I could build something proof-of-concept and then try to get five total studios to invest in the project. Any other ideas or suggestions? Thank you so much!