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Server-Stored Container Field Generates HTTP 500.50 Error

Question asked by SethRedlus on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by SethRedlus

This is a strange one folks!

I recently upgraded from FM Server 16 to 17 on a windows server (so wish I didn't have to use windows!)


Anyway - since the update, I'm getting an HTTP 500.50 error when I try to view externally (secured) stored container data from within FileMaker. It's really only happening from what I can tell in one database, and with PDF files.


Here's the setup:

Database has a container field, External (secured) storage.

I'm actually using a separate database to view this container field through a relationship.

When attempting to view the PDF in the container field, I get this IIS-generated 500.50 error (see attached image).

The IIS logs are referring to a rewrite error, and it's apparently related to SSL-Streaming from what I've been able to tell.


Very much lost as to what to change to make it okay to see this data from within FileMaker. I'm halfway tempted to just write it directly to the web directory and see if it works there... just not sure what the deal is though.


Thanks all as always.