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Showing related records from External Table

Question asked by FM_DM on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by jbrown

I am sure I am asking something very simple but once again I have confused myself here so I throw myself on your mercy.

I run a stock system for a small electrical contractors . Parts are sometimes used for van stock other times for specific jobs. I would like to be able to see all stock transactions for one specific job - simple enough with a job number field and a filtered portal. However I would also like to add details about the job on a layout from a connected table.

Below is my layout - the external table references are all from the jobs main table. The portal is to stock transactions within the database and populated from there. This layout is based on the jobs table and the job I am looking for is selected by the drop down for the job number.

Jobs 1.PNG

Here is the map of my database

Jobs - map.PNG

Jobs is connected to the main stock transactions via job No = job_ID with allow creation and delete records ticked for jobs via this join.

The information I want to populate is from the jobs main (and by extension the sites name) which is an external table. This is linked to job via jobs_ID = _kp_job_id with no creation / deletion ticked.


So can you tell me what obvious thing I am missing as the fields just don't populate and I know my relationships are wrong here somewhere.