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Locking a Specific Record with a Button

Question asked by yellowhammer on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by alecgregory

I've searched threads relevant but am still having an issue implementing, probably because I'm a FM newbie.  I have a purchase invoice DB and once the product data, prices, payment etc are entered, and a customer has paid their bill, I want to be able to "lock" the record so that during future searches, scrolling through all the invoices, conducting tax audits, evaluating complaints, etc, I want to know for certain that particular record has not be modified, since when the customer purchased and paid their bill and I want to be able to positively know it is "what it was".  However, I can't lock the whole DB or even every or new instances of created Invoice records as we need to be able to process customers transactions real time.  Right now I am simply printing the electronic version of the receipt to a printer. 

How can I implement this?  Is there a way to implement a "Lock this Specific Invoice" button on each invoice that requires a password to unlock?