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Multiple Instances of the Same Database

Question asked by user29188 on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by BruceHerbach

Hi Everyone,


I have an FM solution that has several instances of the same database and I'm looking at the best way of providing a consolidated view. If at all possible, I'd prefer to limit responses to how to achieve that goal rather than why I've designed it in this way (which is in essence a security issue).


So assuming that there's 3 tables and 3 instances, where each instance of A is identical, each instance of B is identical and each instance of C is identical. There's some form of relationship between A & B and B & C in each instance but (probably) not between the consolidated tables. There is no need to consolidate C (which I'm only saying to make sure I cover all of the probabilities).

What's the best way of going about creating consolidated Tables A & B?


Looking forward to the discussions