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Intermediate Skills. The next step

Question asked by jimblejambles on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by julzee

Hello all,


I've been using Filemaker for around 10 years and would say I'm fairly competent. I've built some decent solutions for various businesses through hacking default files, watching countless tutorials and reading books etc.

Im the sort of person that likes to find ways around problems through experimentation and research.

The problem is I have no formal qualifications at all. I'd love to make a full time income as a Filemaker developer but don't know where I should start.

Can anyone recommend the right path for me? Hopefully without incurring much expense as I am a single parent and on a low income.

Where could I get some sort of qualification that will enable me to find fulltime work?

Is it worth learning any specific computer languages that could help me become a more advanced developer?


I am based in the UK