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Checkboxes on WebDirect

Question asked by jdressing on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by schamblee

Is there a reason checkboxes ignore the size on WebDirect.  Regardless of how large I make the size and or font, they are really tiny on WebDirect. 


Also - What in the world is the 1  that sits next to every checkbox on WebDirect ?   The only way I can see to get it to disappear is to set the font color to the same as the background.   This is very lame...  there has to be a better solution to get that 1 to disappear.  Some screens with checkboxes have alternating colors on the rows, so setting the color to 1 of the row colors only fixes it on those rows. 


Checkboxes are horrible in FileMaker WebDirect...   not sure why they don't behave the same as running in FileMaker on the Desktop.