When more windows are open, I cannot modify the text

Discussion created by AndreasvanHaren on Jan 4, 2019
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Whenever I have more windows open in my Story Creation app, it's not possible to edit anything. I get this error:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 16.10.30.png

The windows that are open do not contain the text fields that I am trying to edit in the other window, but still I get this notification. How do I solve this?



OK, I understand now it has something to do with the record being open in more windows at the same time and FM doesn't seem to like that, therefor Commit record is being used when switching from one layout to another. I tried this in different ways, (as trigger and by adding the commit record script step to existing scripts) but none of these solutions work. I keep on getting this error message. What does work is reselecting the same record from the Story Drop down menu (which switches between different records). Shouldn't this be the same as when doing a commit record request?


So now I am trying to solve this problem by giving a "reload the current record" script command when switching between windows, but I cannot find a script that does this. Any suggestions?