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Extracting text in last set of parentheses

Question asked by michaebriordan on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by michaebriordan

I have a field of text where certain comments are given in square brackets []. Some of these comments are numeric page references, e.g. [5], [143], [10009], and sone are comments containing non-numeric strings, e.g. [my commrnt here], [this is comment number 2].


I need to do two things:


1. On layout exit, grab the last page reference in the text field, that is, the last numeric stting between square brackets, and replace it with another string In the form [x:y], where x is the original page number, and y is a calculated substitute, which refers to a real page number on a PDF file, generated from bash scripting.


2. On layout enter, grab the value y from the string to use in my bash script, and replace the [x:y] in the text field with the original page ref, [x].


I’m assuming this can be all be achieved with a combination of Position(), Right() and Let() functions, but I am struggling with the first bit, how to grab the last occurrence of text between square brackets. How can this be achieved?