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Reasons a summary count field would correctly count some records but not all?

Question asked by smaurer on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by philmodjunk

I am fairly new to FileMaker, working on a database to track signage. I've created a field to count the number of times a sign type number occurs (sign type number field is always populated). My issue is that this field is not counting correctly in all instances.


I'm working with two tables- "signTypeDetails" and "signLocations"


The records I am trying to count from are in the "signLocations" table. The list of sign types I'm using is in the "signTypeDetails" table. I've made a portal on a layout in the "signTypeDetails" table to count the number of time a sign type number occurs on the "signLocations" table.


Image shows 3 sign type records. The first is counting correctly, the second is not (this sign type should have a count of 8), the third is correct as well (zero count).


I have also tried creating a sub-summary part to see if the count filed would work correctly there, it does not. I've done this with and without a portal back to the "signLocations" table.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.