Help: How to Write Drop list related script

Discussion created by karl.hhome on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by beverly

I am building a database for our construction company and have been doing alright but am completely stumped with the following issue and I am hoping someone can help me out.


I have a products list in my "Products" lay out, that contains various materials, of which are sorted by category i.e 2x4x8 belongs to the Lumber category, and 1/2 inch drywall belongs to the Drywall category.


In a materials list in the "Estimate details" lay out, I have 2 drop down menus, one that shows the list of categories and one that shows the list of items.


I am trying to create a script so that when a line item's category is set to "Lumber" only items that are part of that category will appear in the items drop list in that line item.  This probably seems fairly simple to experienced developers however I am not that and will sincerely appreciate any help in making this work.