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Database Design Report on Custom Functions fails

Question asked by Norsult on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by TSGal

Developer Tool Database Design Report on Custom Functions fails


At least in FMPA 17.03 create a custom function. Creates a second Custom function, that uses (references) the first function. Create a DDR in XML format and all is good.

In the same session, change the Name of the first function. Save and create a new DDR in XML. The name change will not be reflected in the reporting of the function using the first one:

DDR exerpt.png

DDR after first function name was changed from 'fnA' to ''fnAntonio'.


After the file is closed and reopened, the DDR is correct.


When using tools like Perception or our Function Collection and Checker this is fatal and costed hours to find.


Another caching issue?