Script wkspace continues to crash application, after crash involving script save

Discussion created by user10625 on Jan 7, 2019
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Filemaker 17 client  (latest update)  (Windows 10)

Filemaker 16 Server  (Windows 2012)


Developer was:

Working on a layout and simultaneously working on a new script.

Neither was saved yet.

He clicked to save the layout.

Filemaker client application crashed.



When we re-opened the same (hosted) file, we found that any time that developer user opens Script Workspace, Filemaker Pro immediately crashes.

When another user logs in to the same file, and does the same, the crash does not happen.

(Note that the script is completely gone from the file, as were any layout changes.)

(and, just an FYI:  We did a test recover of the file.  All appeared to be well.)


We then discovered some interesting things:


When the file is re-named, the crash does not happen for any users.

When the same user logs into the same hosted file on a different client machine (or, into an unhosted version of the file, locally), the crash does not happen.

Also, if the same user logs into a hosted backup copy of the file from long before they ever worked on that script/layout, but with the same filename, the crash does happen.


All of this points to:  something goes wack in the user’s local client preferences, and it’s based on the user (not the Filemaker security account stored in the file), and it’s tied to on the file name, not necessarily anything in the file itself.


Workaround:  re-install FMPro, (or possibly delete the preferences for that user (we weren't sure where/how to do that)).



Chris Bailey