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Portal note popup window

Question asked by najlahanderson on Jan 8, 2019
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I am creating a database that records patients for transfer around the state with our ambulances.


The home page (as such) is a Tracking Screen which shows a summary of the active cases. Each case has a more detailed record. I have a portal for notes that act as progress notes about each patient. These must be secure (name and timestamped). I have a button on the Tracking Screen to enter a note into the portal. I have also decided that I in the Case Details, I would prefer that staff can only add new notes into the portal from a popup window, so I have added a button there too. I would like notes that have been saved the option to be edited, in case a typo/error has been made. Although I have created an Audit Log to track these changes, I would like a modification name and timestamp to be shown once a note has been edited, so that staff know it is no longer the original note. If a note is added from the Tracking Screen, I would like them to stay on the Tracking Screen after saving/closing the note popup window. If in the Case Details, I would like them to stay where they are.


I have run into issues since I have gone to the popup window for the note option.


My scripts are as follows:


Progress Window | Add:

Freeze Window

Set Variable [ $ProgressNote ; Value: Case::AMR_ID ]

New Window [Style: Floating Document ; Name: "Progress Note" ; Using Layout: "ProgressNote" (Case) ; Height: 200; Width: 350 ; Top: 200 ; Left: 200 ]

Go To Layout [ "ProgressNote" (Case) ; Animation: None]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ ProgressNotes::AMR_ID_FK ; $ProgressNote ]

Go To Layout [ "ProgressNote" (Case) ; Animation: None]


Progress Window | Save:

Commit Records/Requests [ With dialog: Off ]

Close Window [ Current Window ]


Progress Window | Close:

Delete Record/Request [ With dialog: Off ]

Close Window [ Current Window ]


Is anyone able to see what I am doing wrong?

I have attached a screen shot of my relationships.Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 7.24.39 pm.png


Any help is much appreciated!