Bad references for files in Runtime

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First happy new year to everybody.


I work on a database with 3 files. The first is the application itself, the second a set of tables from the INSSE (Institute of Statistics and Data in France: list of countries, regions, departments, municipalities, etc.) and the third which contains the data specific to a customer.


The three files are in the same folder and the whole thing works perfectly in FMP Adv.

The references to the bases are of the type:

file: GesCom and filewin: GesCom for the GesCom.fmp12 database,

file: INSEE and filewin: INSEE for the INSEE.fmp12 database,

file: Base_GesCom and filewin: Base_Gescom for Base_GesCom.fmp12.

FMP removes the suffix ".fmp12" when creating the reference.


On my own Mac, after creating a Runtime, I get a folder that contains the 6 standard elements:, GesCom.fmpur, INSEE.fmpur, Base_GesCom.fmpur, an Extensions folder and the FMP Acknowledgments file. pdf. In the Extensions folder, there is a Dictionaries folder with the xxx.mpr language files and a plug in xmCHART.fmplugin.


The solution runs very well in Runtime mode on my Mac after leaving FMP Adv.


I deliver this solution via a file that contains a compression of the total GesCom folder.


After decompression my client finds a Gescom folder with the same elements as me, in the same places.

When it launches the solution by clicking on GesCom from the folder of the same name, the solution does not find the file GesCom.fmpur, if it indicates where it is, ie in the same file, it seems to find the other two files INSEE.fmpur and Bas_GesCom.fmpur. Verifying the presence of the plug in xmChart also fails as if the file was not found in the Extensions folder.


I do not understand where the problem is and ask for your help. I think that the problem is on my client Mac, but where or how this happens.