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Why would a portal field not save when I close it?

Question asked by wedgeman on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by wedgeman

having a user complaint that seems impossible for me to figure out.



So I've got 2 tables (TA and TB)

In TA, there is a portal showing a particular record from TB..


When i click that portal row, it has a popover with 3 related fields from TB in it.  a text field, a checkbox, and a radio button..  So these three fields are from TB... and I'm operating within this popup, in TA..


I'm getting a complaint from users that every third once in a while, they've put text in the text field, click the button, check the box, etc, and then close.. but when they come back, it's entirely empty, and void of any data.


I'm really perplexed on this - - can't seem to replicate.. but i'm getting this complaint from numerous credible folks..


any thoughts? is there a way I could force the db to 'autosave' the related record (the TB record in question, where the data is stored), when the field is updated?