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First entry to layout,...with all records omitted.

Question asked by Draco on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by philmodjunk

Hi, when a user enters a layout for the first time I need that in the found set there are no records (all omitted).


Currently I use :

- go to presentation

- show all records

- show only omitted records



Is there any more neat way to generate this view (all records omitted) ?


PS 1 : The main problem is : In order to get to a visit without records I have to request all the records from the server and then omit them all (unnecessary data transfer).


PD 2 : Technique : "Skip to Exit"

In LOCAL, it works for me to omit all registrations when I exit the application. But when using FMS v17 ,.. NO ( when opening the application again the registers are not omitted )