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Portal records disappear.

Question asked by oak on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by oak

Once of twice a year I get a report of a remote user creating in a number for portal row records, then walking away from their machine (lunch?) and when they return these portal row records have disappeared. I have seen a screen capture of the portal row records before these rows disappear. Since these records have a TimeStamp I should be able to locate these on the server quickly, but I can not. I have not heard of it with people on the LAN.


My understanding is that when a new portal row is created, the previous one is committed and pushed up to the server. So maybe one record get lost when the internet fails, but here we have 4 till 6 portal rows.


Does anybody understand the underlaying FM caching structure that allows this to happen? Is there a script step that I can incorporate to make sure that the portal record is pushed up to the server?