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Improving manageability of value lists

Question asked by annd on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by annd

I built my first FMP database in 2018.  It's been up and running for about six months.  I have two giant value lists that volunteers use to categorize each intake my organization receives.  Both lists get new additions fairly frequently, and I am of growing weary of the manual process I'm using to keep the volunteers updated on changes (which involves my updating and printing Word docs, when I'd prefer to let them print on demand as they wish.  And if you're wondering why they might wish, I'll reiterate that the list is pretty long, on top of which, I have many older volunteers who like paper.)


In sum, the problem I want to solve is making it possible to update the values and give data entry volunteers access to a printable version of the latest list with the click of a button or two.


The solution I have in mind (which may or may not be the "right' one) is to have a table for each list. 


- Is there an easier / better / more obvious approach that you who are experienced know about that I who am inexperienced do not?

- If not, is there by any chance an automated way to back out of a value list with 100+ item into a table with 100+ records? 


Thanks as always for your kind help!