COFMUG January 2019 - 360 Deploy

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Please RSVP - COFMUG January 2019 - 360 Deploy | Meetup


FileMaker is an incredibly flexible and powerful platform. Yes we all know this.


However, one of the areas that FileMaker has traditionally lagged behind its open source counterparts is deployment. Deployment can generally be defined as the process of getting source code and data from a development and testing environment to the live production environment.


When first launching a new system this process is simple. You just bring the new system online. Ta Da…..


The problem becomes more complicated when distributing fixes or enhancements to an existing system. Previously the options were to do one of the following less than ideal solutions.


- Develop and test in the live system.

- Manually copy changes to layouts, tables and scripts.

- Develop a homegrown deployment system that manages these changes for you.


With the release of 360Works' 360 Deploy there is a 4th option. At the January COFMUG meeting, sam.gedert of Action Factory will be demonstrating 360 Deploy and how he uses it in his projects.


At this meeting Sam will give a demo of the platform as well as provide a cursory review of some of the behind the scenes technology and processes. Whether you’re an in-house developer or a consultant, this session will help you determine if 360 Deploy is a good fit for your projects.


Please check in at the front desk for the meeting location (usually the second floor classroom or third floor mezzanine).


You are welcome to bring your own food or drinks to the foundry as long as you clean up after yourself. Usually we go out to eat somewhere immediately following the meeting.