Avoid text field from resetting text position when leaving field?

Discussion created by AndreasvanHaren on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by mikebeargie

Is there a way to avoid a text field from being reset to the top when clicking outside that field? I already use the script step to bring the cursor back to the position when I return to the field, using the Get ActiveSelectionStart command,  and this works fine. But when there is a long text in a text field, I would like to keep that position when I go for a short moment to another text field in that same layout so I can see both text at the same time. Is that possible? Maybe the text field can be frozen in some way, so not really active till the cursor is being placed back?


I have been working on a story of my own in this app and this is a very disturbing behavior that probably every user will complain about and ask me to fix.