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Static page won't load when WPE is crashing

Question asked by wickcheed on Jan 8, 2019



Have a broad CWP solution, many thousands of calls per day, up to a hundred users at any given time. FMS 17 (but this issue has spanned many previous versions). Web solution has a login page. This page does NOT load any functions, any PHP code, that communicate with the FileMaker WPE engine. It is an interface page that load some standard JS/CSS pages.


Occasionally the WPE becomes overloaded and thus unresponsive, to the point where via command line we are forced to restart it. At the time when it is unresponsive, loading the login page results in an "internal error" (I believe it is a 500 error) on the browser. None of the interface loads at all. When WPE restarts, the login page loads fine.


Here's the kicker. If I stop WPE altogether, the login page loads fine, and I am even able to login (the login code hits a mysql db, not FM).


Not that I need the page to load when the WPE is unresponsive. The behavior, however, is baffling me. Any thoughts, musings on this would be greatly appreciated!