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Portal Row focus

Question asked by fawzikds on Jan 8, 2019
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I think i am missing some valuable information on how a portal row is in focus.  I hope someone here can help me out.

I have a portal that displays user names along with their password, a view_password button, and a delete account button.


The delete row button deletes the active row with a confirmation dialog and works fine. i.e. when i click on it, the row on which that button resides gets deleted using "Delete Portal Row [ with dialog: off]" in a script.


The view_password button however, does not act the same.  Whenever i click on it will only show the password in the first row, not in the same row where i  just clicked (i.e. the active row per the debugger watch).


So what am i missing in my script to be able to see the password on the same row as the view_password button?

do i have to specify  go to active row in my script?  if so, why did i not need to that in my delete script?


All row items except the delete button are fields in the same table.

I am using FM pro adv 17.