Interesting Behavior (I Wasn't Aware Of)

Discussion created by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Jan 8, 2019
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Good day. This is probably old news for many, but I just ran into an interesting behavior in FileMaker 17 I'd never seen before (after nearly 30 years of FileMaker experience). To see the behavior, try this:


1) Create a relationship between two tables. Enable record creation, but do not enable cascading delete.

2) From the context of the parent table, create a new record (a portal is easiest).

3) Without committing the parent record, delete it.


The child record will also be removed when you do this. Ran into it as I was working on some scripting to push records from one table to another. It makes sense when you think about it, but if you weren't expecting the child to be deleted (because you didn't set the cascading deletes). it could be a "gotcha". That is, if you don't test your scripts before implementing (but we always do that, right?).


Just thought I'd share in case you weren't aware of it. Cheers!