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FMGO SMTP Connection Error

Question asked by namwin on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by namwin

I am fairly new to FileMaker, but have been using is for over a year at my work. We have been running FM Server 13 with Filemaker Pro 15 (on Windows 32 bit) and 6 IPads on FMGO. Everything worked great, but support was running out for FM Server 13 so we decided to upgrade to FM Server 17 and FM Pro Advanced 17 and new IPads with FMGO.


Transition has been fairly smooth for our PC's and The Server is up and running great. As for the IPads we've had some issues with things that would work on the PC but not on the IPad.  One issue in particular I haven't been able to remedy.


When sending an email via SMTP server port 25 with TLS on the PC emails come perfectly fine like our old version, but when we click the same button on our IPad we get an error "Connection refused by SMTP server". I  have error trapped it and it comes up with error 1502. I'm not sure what has possibly changed in the hardware of the IPad or security in FM Server 17 that would cause this. Any help would be amazing.