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Discussion created by mactabby on Jan 9, 2019
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Just thought I'd share this for anyone else looking for a similar solution.  I've come into possession of an Apple Watch recently and wanted to find a way of pushing data from my FM system to a 'complication' on the watch face so that I could for example see daily performance metrics just by glancing at the watch.


I've managed to do this using Pushover, an iOS and android app which you can use to push notifications to users on their phones (albeit within the Pushover app itself).  It comes with a watch app, which has a full set of complications, and you can use their Glance API to push updates to them (with or without an accompanying notification).  It's not real-time (very little is on the Apple Watch, because of battery life), but it's close enough - to within 30 minutes or so.  There's a one-off fee per device, but it's not much. (I have no connection to them btw, this isn't an ad!!).


All I had to do was take the relevant data from my FM management dashboard and encode it in a URL for the InsertFromURL function like so (all the variables are set using the GetAsURLEncoded function ):


"httpspost://" & $token & "&user=" & $user & "&title="& $title & "&text="& $text & "&subtext="&$subtext & "&count="& $count & "&percent=" & $percent


Title, text and subtext are all short text fields which show in the watch's largest complication. I set them to show count and value of orders today for example.  Count and percent are integers used in the smaller complications, the percent being shown in a ring like the activity rings.  I have them set to the count of orders despatched and the percentage of our daily target achieved.


Nice little solution I thought.  I also looked at ways of bring up a web page from a complication, which proved, er, complicated (though not impossible) but misses the point of the complication being on the watch face itself.  I initially also thought the Workflow app (now Shortcuts) would be a solution, and it would have been a few months ago but Apple have crippled its watch functionality in iOS 12.


There's another app called Simple Complications which does the job too, by grabbing one or two values from an URL (in xml, JSON, plist, or html format) and pushing them into a complication.  It has a superior 'percent complete' ring design, and will auto shorten for example 12,000 to 12k to avoid truncating the number, but it lacks the additional fields that Pushover has for the larger complications.  The phone app (which you use to set everything up) is also fairly rough, and overall I found the workflow messier.


So there you go - this would be useful to me if I found it yesterday, so hopefully it's useful to you.  If anyone knows any other ways of achieving the same outcome please comment below - I'd love to know about them!