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I am looking to add a date ( time stamp) to my note category

Question asked by gotwake on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by philmodjunk

So, From the standard "contact" form when opening FM 16 Advance.. I want a few things from this app and looking for some direction. Maybe even consider throwing a little $$ if someone wants to make me a blank DB so I can just make it run.


Here is everything I am looking for.

1) to be able to add notes to my contacts ( expl, I call Bobs windows on 1/6/18 on that day he tells me about his schedule ad asks for me to call him back on the 8th.. on the 8th I call and he is out of the office.) How do I keep those note in my "notes" category WITH the Date that is auto plugged in overtime I open the notes for that customer AND keep the nots in that bank.


2) Make an alarm or set a notification to call him ( fax email eat) this contact on a specific date on file maker.


Thanks for your help in advance.